Kardisi Company provides several major services:

Logistic & Rig Move:

 By analyzing the rig move routes, road use agreements, permits, potential incident, needed equipment for the move & load plan, All jobs needed to execute safe and complete plan.


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Pad Preparation:

Executing all works that related to preparation rig pad, excavating and trenching and leveling ground, compacting & watering, to much balancing measures needed for equipment fixing places in job yard, camp area.


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We are at Kardisi state that the most successful oil companies are those who have high trained and qualified employees. We developed our training programs to be suitable for all different oil and gas companies’ staff requirements.


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A well balanced menu choice with well prepared, presented and tasty food is at the heart of camp life, beside other services including laundry and hygienic works executed with high efficiency.


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Waste Management:

Kardisi company has a very expert staff and programs for the preservation of our environment, for its ecological value, and for the inspiration and wonder it provides for our nation’s people.


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